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If you're a smoker who is trying to quit, you already know how difficult that can be.  You've tried quitting "cold turkey".  The expensive gums and nicotine patches, but nothing seems to work for you.  Another alternative is the proven Gradual Reduction Method (GRM)(1).  Also referred by some as Scheduled Reduction (SR).

The process is started by evaluating your current cigarette usage pattern.  If you smoke 30 cigarettes a day on average, and you would like to quit smoking over the next month, then a calculation is done to slowly reduce your cigarette usage each day until you smoke only one or two on your last day. 

With NicoStop, you specify how many cigarettes you smoke per day, the time you wake up in the morning, and the time you go to sleep.  You also specify how long you would like to take to quit smoking.  Once complete, NicoStop will schedule your cigarettes each day spanning the time you wake up and when you go to bed.  A progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows you how far along you are in your overall time span.  The date and time of your next cigarette is show, along with a live countdown until your next cigarette.  To help you along, in case you are losing motivation, an inspirational message is displayed on the screen each time you run the program.

You don't have to worry about watching for your next time, as an alarm will sound and NicoStop will automatically run to signal to you when you need to smoke next.  You have a 5 minute window in which to smoke, and then you must wait until your next cigarette.

You owe it to yourself and your family to quit smoking, and this method may be what works for you.


*As with all health related items, like this software and others, you must consult with a licensed Physician to see if this program is right for you.

(1) Flaxman, J. (1978) Quitting smoking now or later: Gradual, abrupt, immediate and delayed quitting. Behavior Therapy, 9, 260270.


System Requirements:
  • Palm OS based devices
  • Requires Palm OS 3.5 or greater

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